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Add a description field to the ACL L2/MAC Access Control list

New Contributor
I don't know for you, but I'm pretty good at remembering IP addresses, but as far as MAC addresses are concerned, not too much... Having a description field would help a lot! Thanks!

P.S.: Got this warning message for my title: EASE UP ON THE ALL CAPS IN YOUR TITLE. It looks like you're shouting. - Ruckus, ease up with the caps in your ZoneDirector controller your webapp says 🙂

New Contributor

I would also like to see a description field added to the ACL L2/MAC Access Control List.  This would make life easier

Valued Contributor
Agreed, would make life a little easier for this dinosaur who uses MACs a lot.

My guess is that it will eat into memory allocated for this and reduce the number of available addresses in each MAC control list (currently 128). All that 8 bits to a byte stuff adds up!