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7782 Mounting Compromised

New Contributor
What impact would mounting a 7782 omni AP in a vertical orientation at ground level have?

We are looking at putting some externally in the grounds of a house to meet the client's need to have Wifi outside. The architect wishes the access points to be mounted on blocks (i.e. vertical orientation) at ground level. We wish to use omnidirectional models to get a 360 degree coverage.

I know this will affect performance but it is even possible to do this?

Very possible. I have a 7762 like this, however it's not at ground level. I have omni external antennas on it and can connect to a low-but-usable signal with a laptop inside a house 150-ish feet away. Course, that 7762 is in clear air, not against a block wall, but since the block is the opposite direction from the outdoor area where the signal is to be used, I wouldn't hesitate to do it.
Depends also on how far you want the signal to extend along the ground level.

I'll get a photo of my setup from a distance to give you an idea how it works for me.

Photo, including a screenshot of the NORMAN 7363 and its from/to values today.Image_ images_messages_5f91c409135b77e24792a684_d67e9ca5423e7b3f54b698faf07b764b_RackMultipart20150212165477o4c-6fa7258b-44b3-4e77-a397-f199a8f36536-564558056.jpg1423763909Image_ images_messages_5f91c409135b77e24792a684_e7c1ca73650fa7be5fedd5319473495b_RackMultipart2015021213902kdtg-a6526f39-ab99-484c-8dc6-60d16c6814d8-1687086790.jpg1423763957