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Add LLDP support to Ruckus devices

New Contributor
This has been an enhancement request open since Jan 27, 2009 3:14pm on the old website.

Not having LLDP support is a major downside for devices positioned as players in the enterprise space. It's about five years since the standard was finalized, and this is a critical infrastructure management protocol. Please prioritize this.

Contributor II
We have somewhere near 5000 Ruckus APs in service, and I would dearly love to be able to more easily create port mappings with the neighbors table. Also, troubleshooting is way easier, due to the IP information provided and the ability to see the AP somewhere.

Would also lower the power allocation for APs such as the 7055 or the 7982, where they don't use nearly what the 802.3af or 802.3at classification affords them, leading to exhaustion of power budgets even though there is 40% utilization.

I really like Ruckus for the GUI ease of use, but right now Cisco has the edge for AP-level troubleshooting...

New Contributor II
oh my goodness! i don't know how many of you have attempted a 9.8 upgrade on your ZDs, but if/when you do....ssh to an AP that has been upgraded, and "set lldp enable". AMAZING!

unfortunately it doesnt show in the GUI, nor is it configurable there, but lldp is now baked into the firmware on the APs! i turned it on on my test AP, and my switch now sees it just like all my other lldp devices.


Valued Contributor II
While 9.8 is still LCS, even when it's released to GA this won't be a "supported" feature. What this means is that although the code is there, it has not been tested thoroughly, so it would be a use-at-your-own-risk situation. Any problems found would be deferred to a release that does officially support it.

We are still working on getting the resources committed to having a fully-supported and robust implementation in an upcoming release.

But as you can tell, we are at least listening and working on it.