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Can flexmaster push firmware upgrades to my Zone Directors?

New Contributor
Can flexmaster push firmware upgrades to my Zone Directors? Can it be scheduled as a task? How would I do this? I have 13 ZDs, this would be a tremendous boon. Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e7135b77e2478d7504_5736987d27926e3eafffb9c9b80a3569_dem_inline-c06a144b-e335-4608-b97c-604f0625c162-798268901.gif1398454490

Valued Contributor II
Yes, that should be doable. below text is from FM Datasheet:

"bulk Firmware Upgrades : Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi system firmware can be upgraded individually or in bulk. FlexMaster allows the operator to select a set of
devices, schedule the firmware upgrade, and receive notification
when the upgrade is complete. With a simple click of the mouse,
the operator has the flexibility to perform bulk firmware upgrades
on all of the remaining units in the field, or schedule upgrades for
a specific time"


New Contributor
Thank you, I was sure I read that somewhere. Is there a documented procedure?

Valued Contributor II
I don't have a live FM to cross check however you can refer to below URL and visit PDF page 181 which talks about firmware upgrade process.

PS: Doc is for version 9.5 so please double check doc for your version before proceeding.