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Accessing and managing ZD remotely anywhere from the Internet

New Contributor II
Hi everyone:

We are having problems trying to access ZD Web UI from the Internet. We want to remotely control ZD. We opened port 80 and 443, but it did not work. We have check User guide for Ruckus WirelessTM ZoneDirectorTM 9.5, page number 20 where ports are explained.
We wonder if we have to activate "Remote troubleshooting" explained in page 290 in the same manual.

Can someone help us with this issue?

Thanks a lot.

Valued Contributor II
You only need port 443 (port 80 should be disabled since it sends credentials cleartext) and remote troubleshooting isn't needed. The usual cause of this problem is the firewall configuration and your NAT mapping. Map sure the mapped IP setting on your firewall has the management IP of the ZD and that all outbound from the ZD are allowed.

Contributor III
You already opened port 443 on your firewall?
I assume your firewall does NAT.
And that (from a browser outside your firewall) you "https://" to an IP address that belongs to your firewall. (not a name)
How are you mapping inbound port 443 connections initiated to your firewall and redirecting to the internal IP address of your zonedirector?

Does the ZD has a default gateway that can/will send traffic back out your firewall? If not, you would not be able to make a connection to the ZD from the outside world.

I assume you did not see the ZD login page... Is that the case?
Are you allowed to use "gotomypc", etc. or is that cheating?

I forgot saying that ZD is directly connected to the ADSL router via one of its two ports. We decided to eliminate any element between the router and ZD. The result is a blank page. It seems to be a conecction but anything is showed.
We tried opening 443 port, but same result.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

We can see other services depending on other ports opened in the same ADSL router. That is what drives us crazy.