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ASUS GL552V cannot connected to Wi-Fi with 802.11x peap with eap-tls.

New Contributor II
We are using ZoneDirector Model ZD1200 and Rukus Model ZF710 and using 802.11x but ASUS GL552V with Wi-Fi driver wireless Broadcom 802.11ac.
This PC still cannot be connected to Wi-Fi.
Anyone help me plz.

New Contributor II
Very nice Bro! 
it can be connected now.
Thank so much!

New Contributor
The same problem occurred with me on my ASUS laptop. I cannot connect to the WiFi with it. I tried to consult with Hotmail Customer Service for this problem but what it suggests to me I cannot find that on my laptop. So I need some more elaborative help for this. 

Try disabling 802.11i,r&k I have had clients that would not join a WLAN with 802.1X authentication with these one of these on. cannot remember exact which of the those amendments it was exactly which resolved my issue. 

It works for me, Bro!

New Contributor III
The issue I had was that the client did not support  one or all of 802.11i,r&k.  To resolve this I disabled them within the particular  WLAN setting on my Zonedirector.

One other option is to see if there are any firmware updates for your Wireless Network card or updated drivers. If there are then then that may resolved your issue.