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802.11b data rates and disable short preamble

New Contributor II
How do I disable specific 802.11b data rates and disable short preamble? I'm assuming this is done through CLI, but where would I go to find the commands for this?

Valued Contributor
You are correct. You need to configure this over CLI.

Here's the CLI guide for FW 9.6

There on page 247 you will find the answer and, if I'm not mistaken it goes like this

> enable
# config
# wlan your_wlan_name
# ofdm-only
# exit

To check if 11b has been disabled

# wlan your_wlan_name
# show

look for "OFDM-Only State" to be ENABELED.

You enable it per SSID (WLAN). So you have to repeat for every SSID you create.