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7982 concurrent maximum clients

New Contributor II
How many concurrent clients can be supported on a 7982 AP with the users bandwidth limited? I know the radio can only support up to 450Mbps, but I am more concerned with the radios' capability of connecting wireless clients (regardless of bandwidth).

New Contributor III
Hi David,

As far as i know there is NO relation between concurrent clients supported on any AP and rate limited WLAN.

from the datasheet - CONCURRENT STATIONS - Up to 500 clients per AP.


Hope this helps.

Valued Contributor
The tech specs say:

CONCURRENT STATIONS • Up to 500 clients per AP
SIMULTANEOUS VoIP CLIENTS • Up to 60 (802.11e/WMM support),
30 per radio

but real world is a different matter!

New Contributor II
Thanks! I have an event where I will need to support about 10,000 clients. I don't need auth or encryption. I will have about 100 users that will need auth/encryption. Will these 100 cause too much load to get lets say 300 users per AP? Also, is there a client limit on the ZD?

Valued Contributor
Removing Authorisation/Encryption will reduce overhead considerably.
But you will need a seperate WLAN for the 100 users who do need A/E.

Client limit:
ZD 3000 tech specs: CONCURRENT STATIONS • Up to 10,000
ZD 5000 tech specs: CONCURRENT STATIONS • Up to 20,000

again these are ideal world numbers. Alsways better to have some excess capacity.

You need to talk to someone who does this kind of setup or one of the Ruckus staff who frequent here as is sounds like you are intending to do something fairly major.