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2 buildings with a ZD each, can they be connected as one network

New Contributor

I have a site were there is 2 buildings next to each other and they each have a zone director with 6 WAPs and a ZD1106 controller. the 2 buildings will now be connected with a fibre link and I will connect the 2 networks.

My question is there a way to make the wifi 1 big network of 12 WAPs by keep using both directors and without buying additional licences?


Valued Contributor II
Hello Pieter,

since each ZD is 1106 and without buying additional licenses, there is no way you can have them as one network.

Configuration wise they can be same however 6 AP will go to specific ZD and other 6 AP's to other ZD. This is doable and can reside in same network.

in this type of setup, you can't have smart redundancy either, so is limited ZD discovery won't work either as both have same licenses and no capacity to handle more AP than 6.