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Allowing connected devices to communicate with each other

New Contributor
I will confess to being a networking newb right now. We recently replaced our Apple Airport Extreme with a Ruckus ZoneFlex R700 when the AirPort just ran out of coverage as our office grew. One issue that we are having with the R700 is that the devices that are connected to the R700 via wifi cannot connect to each other. We can't ssh to each others' machines, access each others' HTTP servers, or even ping one another. In fact, the printer is no longer available on the wifi. It's connected but not accessible from other machines.

Is there a setting somewhere to allow the connected devices on a R700 to see each other?


Valued Contributor II
Hello David,

Before i could advise or suggest anything i need to ask few quickies:

Is it a standalone AP set up or ZD managed?
Are these devices able to get IP and reach internet?



Sounds like a single standalone AP.

If it is a single standalone AP, check the Configuration > Ethernet Ports page, and check that the Ethernet ports are not set to "Isolated". If so, change it to "Bridge to WAN".

Hope it helps.