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vlan access across FlexZone 7363 access point

New Contributor

How do i allow multiple vlans access across the zoneflex 7363 wireless access point?

i seem to to be able to ping devices on my new vlan thats on the access point.

i have set up a trunk port for the access point and the device is connected to a wlan that tags the traffic to the vlan.

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Multiple VLAN's can be allowed in the access point by making the ethernet port as Trunk.

Here are the few commands to make the Access Point's port to Trunk.

Login to AP cli and provide the commands below:

rkscli: set interface type vlan-trunk untag 1
rkscli: set ipaddr wan vlan
rkscli: reboot

- is the name of the Ethernet interface you are using to plug the AP into the switch, if the POE port is used it is "eth2" and so on(I used 7363 here).

Note: Enusure that you have DHCP server for each VLAN so that clisnts will get the ip addresses according to the VLAN setting.

Now, connect this AP to a switch port which is configured as Trunk that allows multiple VLAN's.
Now, go to Configuration > 2.4G or 5GHz and create the SSID and Tag the VLAN number. By doing this, clients connecting to this SSID will get ip address from that particular VLAN.

I hope this helps!


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I have tried this and my 7363 says command is not recognised.


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Simon/Roger(?) - 2 questions:

Is your AP controlled by a ZD?
What version of ZoneFlex is running?

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Trunk to ZoneFlex 7363.

I am trying to configure an AP to trunk to our switch.

If I configure the switchport to a trunk I lose connectivity with the AP'

I discovered this

But when I try it is says set interface is not an option?

Can anyone provide a simple guide on what is needed to be able to set a ZoneFlex 7363 to trunk to a switch.