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vSCG AP communication

New Contributor
Hello Guys,

I'm trying to connect an AP 7363 to a remote vSCG. I entered the public IP of the vSCG into the AP CLI (SSH) using the command "set director ip x.x.x.x". However, I can't see the AP on the vSCG web interface.

Can you please help in telling me if there is any requirement in term of AP firmware version or if there is any networking pre requisite to make the AP join the vSCG.

Thanks guys!

that is the first step, second step is (after the update of the firmware) to enter 'set scg ip
if the command does not work, then the AP is not on the right firmware, if it works, theAP should come up in the webinterface

Contributor III
What firmware are you using?

If its Base 100 image you need to enable discovery agent on the AP.
set discovery-agent enable
I would also check the ap cert check on the vSCG as sometimes if this is enabled it will stop the AP from joining:
vSCG# show running-config ap-cert-check
AP Certificate Check: Enabled

vSCG# config

vSCG(config)# no ap-cert-check
Do you want to continue to disable (or input 'no' to cancel)?
[yes/no] yes

Successful operation

vSCG(config)# exit
vSCG# show running-config ap-cert-check
AP Certificate Check: Disabled

If you have a  firewall, ensure that that LWAPP and SSH ports are made available.

Finally if the AP is behind a NAT, ensure that you configure a Ruckus GRE Tunnel profile to support AP's behind a NAT and push that to your zone:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c42e135b77e2479a62e7_814b28d107be67067aa8abaf37f88749_RackMultipart20151102278511wsg-4c1785fd-48fa-4657-88dd-7e2bfdec0dee-767814247.png1446463049

Image_ images_messages_5f91c42e135b77e2479a62e7_fdba97c0a65768a5bd0f7d9d77ddac0b_RackMultipart20151102181921ps7-7a75b4b9-2e3e-4e55-8423-4604dbbe72b0-713625399.png1446463062

Good Luck

Valued Contributor
Most important step first is to know which version is running on the access point.
Can you please let us know ?
From there we can plan the next steps.