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"...detects radar burst on radio..." causing really bad throughput

New Contributor II
This morning almost all of my AP "detects radar burst on radio..." causing really bad throughput on my network. This has been going on for more than two hours now and, no, no helicopters or similar can be seen (small town). I have noticed this every now and then but never on this level. Could other types of interference cause the same action? (ZD3025 and R500)

New Contributor III
HI Johan, 

We also saw radar detections frequently on ZF7982 and R500.
This behaviour was in buildings with multiple floors and multiple APs hearing each other, together with a lot of wifi clients present. Outside business hours, there were no radar detection.
These were clearly false positives.  
The APs interpreted certain type of RF energy as radar pulse and triggered radar detection. 
Other vendors have/had this issue too. 

What to do?

- upgrade your ZD and test:
check the latest release notes for 10.x:
"Resolved Issues in Build Resolved a false radar detection issue for 7982 and R500 APs. "

- open a case 
- use 20MHz wide channels for channel reuse
- use non-DFS channels as a workaround


Your running v. 10.x on your 7982's?  Hows that working out for you?  Ruckus recommended NOT going to version 10.x as the 7982's may have performance issues (but they are supported).  All I have is 7982's  (16) (on ZD1200), so maybe that's why is mine are single model ..?  Would like to hear about your experience if you don't mind sharing.

Hi Todd, 

Still running 
Haven't tried the 10.x, but I knew it had a fix for the radar detection. 
We were not warned about possible performance issues of ZF7982 in 10.x. We have about 100 ZF7982 so it is good to know this info. Thanks!

The 10.0 changes a lot from 9.13, its webUI is similar to SmartZone 3.5. 
The ZF7982 has fewer resources than the newer APs (half of the memory of R500) so it might explain future performance issues.

Yea.. I heard about the UI changes.  But you just echoed Ruckus support about memory concerns.