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mac os connection problem

New Contributor II
some of my clients having problem for connection to wireless network. they can not connect at all. this problem is only for Macbooks and ipads, iphones have no problem. my ssid is open with no security. i also checked with wpa2 the problem still exists. my ap model are zf7352 and my zd model is zd1200 firmware build 148

Esteemed Contributor II
What troubleshooting have you done?  Have you looked at your AP Support Info files, 
and ZD Debug?  Are you sure the clients have strong enough signal from where they
are, and that they are not being affected by local interference, etc?  Can you update
drivers on those client devices?

thanks for your reply. i am really not very familiar with AP Support Info files and ZD Debug. i would be grateful if you can tell me how to do it. i am sure to have strong signal as i was in front of AP. there should not be any interference as my other clients have no problem. (my environment is big it is a 6 floor Hotel) i updated mac os software to the latest version. but problem still exists. i checked with another AP (a wi-max modem) they can connect to it. i should also mention that i have a kerio control hardware appliance as the router and web authentication.

Valued Contributor II
sorry for dumb question....Can they see the WPA or open SSID ??

thanks for your reply. actually it is a smart one because some  devices even do not see the network ssid at all. their wifi does not turn on and they say every other place they can connect. i do not know how they connect when they wifi is off!!
my problem  is some of them see the ssid an can not connect. not every mac book but some of them can not connect.