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Zonedirector 1200 bricked

New Contributor

Zonedirector 1200 bricked / Can get a ZONEDIR 3025 faster. is this a good move?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @vpelliccia58,

If you have tried to hard reset the Zone Director and tried to power it On using a different power adapter and still facing the same issue then please raise a support Case with us to initiate the RMA. 

Below are the steps to hard reset the Zone director. 
- Locate the Reset pinhole on the front panel of the Zone director.
- Insert a paper clip or any point object into the RESET hole and press & hold it for 15-20 seconds.
- This factory defaults the ZD.
- Now the ZD can be accessed using its default IP address by directly connecting to a PC in the same subnet.
-After the reset completes, the status LED blinks red and then turns green indicating that the system is in a factory default state.

If the device still does not power on, it can be concluded that the device is defective and I will proceed with an RMA.

Thank you!