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Where can I get clear meaning of Tx power for my Country Code?

New Contributor II
Hello there. So, for some reasons, I need to know what is actual maximum transmit power for my country code (Russia). Where can I get this information? I know regulatory rules that working in my country — I want to know what meaning is my ZD using 🙂

When I go to Configure — AP — Edit — Tx Power or do it on standalone AP, I see that there is "Full" choice and some lines that change Tx value in relation to the maximum possible, right? So, what's the maximum?

New Contributor II
And another related question: is "max" meaning relating to the country code? Or, maybe, it is just maximum possible power that radiopaths could provide (for example, 26 dBm in 2.4 for r300). 

Esteemed Contributor II
Andrey, you are correct in your last assumption.  Maximum Tx_power is related to the AP model
and radio chip/antenna combination.  Each 3db drop in settings will halve the Tx_power output,
relative to the AP model radio/antenna combination.  Outdoor APs have higher Tx_power than
our hotel room designed APs, 7025, 7055, H500.

Can you tell me where can I get max tx power meanings in dBm in relation with country code?

Valued Contributor II
Hi Andrey,

You should check in the AP support file. First in the AP or ZD, select and apply the country code applicable. then pull the support file and search with keyword "dbm". You shall get info like below:

### Radio 0 Config ###
wifi0     wifi0  Frequency:5.745 GHz  Tx-Power:21 dBm  

Hope this helps.