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WPA2 KRACK Questions & Answers - Resource page

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    Much concern about possible impact of announced WPA2 KRACK vulnerabilities, and Ruckus would
like to provide information and answer your related questions.  Please view the WPA2 KRACK support
resource center page:

   There are knowledge base articles that describe Rogue Detection, and details on checking 802.11r
enable/ disable state, link to a TME blog on the problem, and industry links related to WPA2 KRACK flaws.
Information regarding specific platform firmware patch release availability will be provided shortly.

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We have updated the KRACK - Ruckus Wireless Support Resource Center page with the following additional technical information and documents:
  1. Current schedule for patch release dates for the following products:  P300, SmartZone, Ruckus Cloud, Unleashed, Xclaim, and ZoneDirector
  2. KRACK WPA/WPA2 Vulnerability Mitigation "Cheat Sheets" for the following products:  Unleashed, vSZ 3.5 (vSZ-E, vSZ-H, SZ-100), vSZ 3.4 (vSZ-H, SCG200, SZ300), and ZoneDirector
Allan T. Grohe Jr.
Knowledge Management Program Director
for RUCKUS Customer Services & Support

It would be nice if KB articles referred to here did not have "To access that KB Article please upgrade your support account" level access. Open them up.

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You're correct Lawrence, thanks. 

I've set the relevant KBAs open to Public viewing, and they should be visible to guests after the next 6hr Support site update period.

Thank you. Long time Ruckus AP user for my home (!) and non-profit political campaigns, so don't pay for any support :).

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