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WLAN SSID Login Boarding

New Contributor
Hello All,

I want to ask.

Currently we using ruckus controller vSZ-H, and we have planning to using 802.1x WPA2 Enterprise and i have problem with authentication login boarding.

Here some requested from our customer wanted :

1. When the client selects the desired SSID a form appears asking for username and password ( 802.1x )  When the clients enters the username checks whether the client is a guest or employee.

2. If the user is a Guest, then he only gets Internet access only.

3. If the user is a Employee, it will get Internet access and local network/server.
4. Another else it might if the user is Employee , it will just get local network only.

I knew Cloudpath can do that but Is it possible i can do those requirement just with NPS windows Server 2008/2012.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3dc135b77e2478b6e72_b3ba39c9f338bfbc3613be00938244b5_RackMultipart20171111353801l4h-33c521dc-647b-4538-b48e-aec602f2a780-1688014115.PNG1510421020
can NPS Server showing secure boarding like  as Clouldpath.
which is have 3 option, where is user is Employee, guest or else after done login with 802.1x.

anyone can help me.

Contributor II
I'm not an expert in Windows AD services, but it's there, or the Radius Service, you should find the answers, I think.The 802.1x auth simply ask it the entered credentials can be allowed online, and provide a 'GROUP' to test against.
1: What kind of 'guests' do you provide a 802.1x user/pass to?
Would it not be a simpler solution to simply use the build in Captive Portal on a Guest SSID for them?
2: If you need to diverse authenticated users, you might wanna look into dynamic VLAN's, and move the users between 2 or more VLAN's, differentiating what they can access.