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VLAN-per-SSID tagging SCG200

New Contributor II
I am stuck with an installation that needs the following:
  1. 2 x separate SSIDs broadcasting two different VLANs (VLAN 550 and VLAN 1241).
  2. Traffic to be passed through a DSLAM (using 2 x PVCs configured on it).
  3. ADSL2+ modem at customer side (configured with same PVC channels on DSLAM) to separate the 2 VLANs before passing to PoE IN of our ZF7782-S AP.

We have already tested VLAN-per-SSID tagging and got it to work, however, this was done with L3 switches with following:
  • Trunk port configured with the two VLANs allowed (550 and 1241).
  • Native VLAN was changed from VLAN 1 to our Ruckus management VLAN (550).

Note that only through our L3 switching scenario we managed to obtain the proper IP's from the pool. DSLAM scenario; we can only obtain IP from VLAN 550 whereas VLAN 1241 we can only obtain if we change our VLAN ID on our AP Zone to VLAN 1.

If there is any special configuration needed for this setup please let us know.