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Trunking Both AP Ethernet Ports for 802.11ac

New Contributor
Considering the R700 boasts 1300Mbps of throughput using 802.11ac, which is more than a standard gigabit port, is there a way to trunk/load balance both ethernet ports on the AP back to the same switch?

Valued Contributor
There really isn't any need to worry about that.

Read why here

Valued Contributor II
Ruckus also said the same thing in their latest tech paper on AC. The actual chances of breaking gigabit even with Wave 2 is not realistic, especially for enterprise.

Excellent info. Thanks for the link!

New Contributor
Granted, the chances of exceeding 1 Gbps are remote. It would still be good to have two uplinks for high availability however, and ideally two separate sources for PoE, as then access points could be uplinked to redundant switches and survive an outage from one of those.