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Stand alone R300 ap guest network setup?

New Contributor
New to Ruckus, have a stand alone R300 ap with 1 SSID, want to add 2nd guest SSID for just basic internet access. Not sure if there is a simple way to do this? 

Valued Contributor II
If you have a ZoneDirector, the ZD can set up a guest network using a firewall at the AP level to control/restrict what LAN resources a client is allowed to access. However, if you have a standalone,this functionality is not available.

If your network is smart/managed and you have VLANs, you can still make an effective guest network setup using separate Guest and Internal VLANs and having one SSID per VLAN on standalone.

But if your underlying network doesn't support VLANs, I think you're out of options.

New Contributor
That's kinda where I ended up, thanks for the reply. Appreciate it!