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Since 9.6 upgrade our company laptop access has stopped working

New Contributor
We are running a ZD 1100 that is configured to use a certificate based authentication to get on our company network. The laptop has to have this certificate installed (done through group policy) and be a member of a certain group (which I have verified). However now When I click to connect to our company wifi I either can't connect at all or I get prompted for login cred's (which shouldn't be happening) and even after typing them in it still fails. When I look at the log files on the radius server I see a few Audit fauilres but this one caught my eye. I was wondering if someone could give me some more info on it. I didn't set this system up, but is there an account that the Ruckus box would need to have set up to access AD? I thought it was just forwarding the requests through it?
Network Policy Server denied access to a user.

Contact the Network Policy Server administrator for more information.

Security ID: NULL SID
Account Name: admin
Account Domain: FRIVER
Fully Qualified Account Name: FRIVER\admin

Client Machine:
Security ID: NULL SID
Account Name: -
Fully Qualified Account Name: -
OS-Version: -
Called Station Identifier: -
Calling Station Identifier: -

NAS IPv4 Address:
NAS IPv6 Address: -
NAS Identifier: C0-8A-DE-1D-57-1E
NAS Port-Type: Wireless - IEEE 802.11
NAS Port: -

RADIUS Client:
Client Friendly Name: Rukus
Client IP Address:

Authentication Details:
Connection Request Policy Name: Secure Wireless Connections
Network Policy Name: -
Authentication Provider: Windows
Authentication Server: RADIUS-01.FRIVER.LOCAL
Authentication Type: PAP
EAP Type: -
Account Session Identifier: -
Logging Results: Accounting information was written to the local log file.
Reason Code: 16
Reason: Authentication failed due to a user credentials mismatch. Either the user name provided does not map to an existing user account or the password was incorrect.