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Monitor 2 Controleurs Ruckus ??

New Contributor
Hello everybody,

I would like to now how i can monitor 2 controleurs Ruckus for exemple with Nagios.i'm not sure if i need to perfom somethink on controleurs Ruckus in order to monitor the 2 equipement.

Best regards,

Valued Contributor II

This is a very broad topic and Nagios is a pretty complex application. Are you already using Nagios to monitor other systems? The way you asked the question suggests you may be new to this.

On the Ruckus side, you'll need to enable SNMP, set the community string, etc, but most of the effort will be on the Nagios side. See the ZoneDirector User Guide for more info.


New Contributor
Hi Keith,

I just want to now if i need to perform somethink on Ruckus regarding snmp order to monitor the controllers, thank you for your reply and your advice.

Best regards,

New Contributor III
I use The Dude for network monitoring. It does do simple SNMP data collection but it really comes in handy for alerts and using the console as network status dashboard/launcher. Best of all it's free. It is much simpler to setup then Nagios so if you are just getting started that is what I would recommend.