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Searching for a USB wireless adapter that allows changing roaming aggressiveness

New Contributor
We have a large outdoor area now covered by Ruckus T300 APs.  The USB wireless adapters that we currently employ in the vehicles are not very aggressive in their changing from one access point to another.  Usually they wait until the signal drops before roaming to the next AP.  The current adapters do not have any settings for aggressiveness.  Does anyone have any recommendations for USB wireless adapters where the aggressiveness can be changed?  Having the capability to mount the antenna outside the cab of the vehicle would be a plus.

Esteemed Contributor II
I'd recommend consulting with your local VAR or Ruckus SE, who can best understand your environment.

There could be an impact from making changes on the AP side.  To "help" clients make their roaming decisions
sooner, the 'bss-minrate' on the WLAN used can be increased from 2mb to 5.5mb or 11mb, which reduces the area
around the AP for clients to receive probe/join responses, and should encourage them to look for another AP sooner.

Does it help if you roll down the vehicle windows?  Or use your laptops on the Dash, instead of from the seat or your lap?