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SZ100 SNMP Reboot AP?

New Contributor
Our company has several SZ100s with 100 - 200 APs running on each. I have found the OID to reboot APs in a ZD3050 with SNMP and it works. It is: snmpset -v 2c -c Community 192.168.x.x'AP#'  integer "1"             #"0" is default "1" Reboots.
I have researched all the MIBs in the 3.2.1 firmware and cannot find it. I have done snmpwalk of the SZ100 and searched for any possible OIDs but have had zero luck. I am trying to write a script and create a PHP control page that we can allow remote after-hours phone techs to login to and reboot specific APs if needed. Hate having to ask but have tried seriously to find on my own. Thanks in advance for any info.

Valued Contributor
Within our SZ/vSZ/SCG products we also have something call Public API.

You can use the public API to get information or program settings on our platform.
There is a specific command to reboot AP also in the public API.


Please check the Public API for more information.

Kind regards