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New Contributor II
Hi everyone,

I ́ve got this doubt about how to get rid of the security warning page displayed by the browsers such as firefox and chrome when you first connect to a WLAN with authentication by a vSZ embedded captive portal. I know that you have to purchase an external SSL certificate if you want your browser trust in the certificate issued by the controlller, or more especific by ruckus, but when you make the CSR, you have to input the domain name that you properly asign to the IP's controller to the local DNS in your network.

However, when you setup a captive portal WLAN, you could choose if the you use the authentication at the controller (use the controller as a proxy) or at the APs, and since the APs have several IPs, and those ips are not registered at the DNS, therefore the certificate signed under the domain name of the controller will not work in that scenario because will not be a domain translation of the controller IP but the APs. Leading us to the same very thing that we want to get rid of.

Could someone give us a clarification about this...

Is there come documentation we could use that allow us to clear some doubts, especially in the non-proxy scenario?

thanks a lot!

Contributor III
There is a whole manual available in the support portal called Hotspot Portal Integration Reference Guide