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SKU for ZD1200 HA purchase

New Contributor
Hi everyone. i want to purchase ZD1200 with HA and want to add 50 AP, what is SKU did i need to purchase? Did I need to purchase another AP license for redundant ZD1200?

Is it same with SZ100?

Contributor III
For ZD high availability, you buy two controllers and configure smart redundancy. Each controller comes with 5 AP licenses and when you configure smart redundancy, the licenses pool (each controller licensed for 10). If you have a total of 50 APs then you need to buy 40 more licenses.

901-1205-UN00 - ZD1200 Controller (you need 2)

909-0001-ZD12 - AP license for 1 AP (you need 40)

Support is optional but recommended:

801-1205-1000 - support for the first ZD (you need 1)

803-1200-1RDY - support for the second ZD (you need 1)

801-1201-1L00 - support for AP licenses (you need 40)

New Contributor
hi David Black. Thanks for clarify. appreciate it. Btw. if SZ, do have support which similar with 803-1200-1RDY? and what is the SKU?

Esteemed Contributor II
Zariq, you should be contacting your local Ruckus vendor...

Contributor III
With ZDs, one controller will be active and the second one will be standby.  In a ZD network, the APs are dependent on the controller and cannot function without the controller.  If you have only one ZD and it goes down, wireless will be down until the controller is replaced.  If you have a redundant (standby) controller and the active goes down, the standby takes over.  There is a very brief outage of a minute or two while the wireless sessions are re-established.  Afterwards, the network is 100% functional. 

Smartzone is different in that the APs do the work and do not need a controller to function.  If you lose the Smartzone, you obviously lose the ability to manage, but as far as users are concerned, everything continues to function without interruption.  This does require that you disable auto-reboot of the APs and un-proxy RADIUS if you're using it.  Another key difference with the SZ is that all nodes of a cluster are active.  So, if you cannot afford to be without the ability to manage, you need to add a second node.  If buying additional node(s), you buy the same part numbers as you bought for the first node (another SZ plus another support).