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Retirement community with 1200+ residents. How can we setup individual "networks" without 1200+ SSIDS?

New Contributor II
the goal is to have joe smith print to the printer in his apartment from anywhere on campus. or allow him to use his phone to control his tv.  etc. 

We use radius for corporate devices with a single SSID, works great.

For our residents we have a seperate SSID. Another seperate for guests. 

if we use radius we can assign Vlans to each resident.  What would be the onboarding process for their devices? What is the maximum number of VLANs this could support?

Would we need to create an NPS policy for each user?  Is this a good use case for CLoudpath?

 I'm trying to wrap my head around this and am probably missing something simple. I appreciate any help or clarification you can provide.

New Contributor II
the goal is to allow residents to print to their wireless printer from their ipad,or use their amazon echo to interact with other devices,etc. while still isolating them from everyone else. Client isolation kills this ability. I think I'm leaning to just using D-PSK with Vlan assigned to the users.  Unfortunately this would require a ton of DHCP scopes to be created and a lot of switch configuration to create the vlans. 

New Contributor
You need an add on device - check out RG Nets.

New Contributor III

Wow I see what you are wanting to do. Basically have a private network for each individual household.. To be honest I haven't carried out a configuration of that kind. One way like you say is to create vlans but that's a TON of vlans. I would also like to know what a viable solution would be to carry this out.