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RSSI, using SNMP, what am I looking at?

New Contributor
we run a wireless bridge consisting of two 7731's (autonomous, so no ZD).

I want to monitor the quality of that bridge from a signal perspective.

Currently I am graphing the following OID: RUCKUS-WLINK-MIB:ruckusWLINKRssi

and it returns values between 24-43.

Question 1: can anyone tell me what the scale? 0-100?
Question 2: when I logon onto the AP's portal (http) , on the main page, I see a destinction between Rx RSSI and ACK RSSI, what am I looking at and is this a good way to monitor the bridge quelity?

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e3135b77e2478cb166_9787fe66bae39014154156b656c47fa2_ruckus1_inline-ef49d6a8-4fc1-4a6e-899b-e3cab9692a8a-876402467.jpg1417647451

Esteemed Contributor II
Dennis, you do have the correct MIBs. The return values correlate to the WebUI
Rx and Ack RSSI, indicating signal strength in both directions. Values over 25
indicate satisfactory signal strength to maintain the link, which you can measure
or graph to monitor link quality.

We recommend to occasionally run the Channel Optimizer from your 7731 Root
Bridge, to insure the best bi-directional throughput channel is in use.

New Contributor
Thanks for that Michael,

so the OID-returned value, is that the Rx RSSI or ACK RSSI?

I will keep the channel optimizer tip in mind.