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First Installation

New Contributor
hi I have to make an offer to cover an area that will be used as a comping camper area, the 'area covers about 200 meters x 200 meters and can hold about 2,000 people, would intensionato to give coverage that is 2.4 ghz 5 ghz.

Esteemed Contributor II
Without further detail about the physical environment, such as trees/buildings,
it's hard to be exact. If you properly elevate them, 2 or three outdoor model APs,
might suffice, even in standalone mode, if you simply give out a PSK to your
visitors and define one WLAN between the APs, on both 2.4/5G radios.

New Contributor
I report two detailed images of the area to be covered, by the time the trees are little more than just implanted branches and foliage with virtually absent

Image_ images_messages_5f91c40c135b77e247934f8c_bf179b7f0fbd7f50a3c597962d004cda_rvz_inline-19e1c745-c3b9-4ddf-ba89-492f00e08bbb-1258291128.jpg1418711561

Image_ images_messages_5f91c40c135b77e247934f8c_d923559f9bf1ec3b8cf0bc14effc6034_Cattura_inline-12cbb09f-9b78-47cc-87a4-5bb669fd46a0-1837438029.PNG1418711586