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RADIUS ACL attributes

New Contributor II
Can`t find how to assign ACL with Access-Accept RADIUS response and what attributes to use.
Want to know how to assign ACL via sending id and via sending ACL rules in Access-Accept RADIUS response

Esteemed Contributor II
I don't think ACL is a valid attribute-value pair for RADIUS with Ruckus dictionary file.

Valued Contributor
Try to apply a filter-id as Radius-attribute.

Or try to apply RBAC using Ruckus-User-Groups as Radius-arrtibute.

I do remeber a filter-id was working on ZD(10.0 above) and Ruckus-User-Groups is working on SZ100(3.5 above) and ZD.

Try those.

Thanks! I see that via FILTER-ID I can deliver id, but I need also to deliver ACL rules.

Yes. Ruckus don't have a attribute like cisco downloadable acl.

You have to use predefined acl or role.