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P2P and P2MP

New Contributor II
Hi friends
i am going to set up an Point to Multi Point Link between a central point and 100CPE
Distance between CPEs and Center point is between 1Km to 8 Km
which Ruckus product is best for Central Point?
My CPE is UBNT brands

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus Wireless sells 5GHz 802.11n ZoneFlex 7731 with 1 RB to 4 NRB in 30 degrees over 15KM,
or 802.11ac ZoneFlex P300 with 1 RB to 10 NRB in 120 degrees to 12KM point to point, and point to
multi-point bridges.  These devices extend like an invisible wire in the air for devices connected behind them,
but they do not receive/accept client CPE connections.

You can however use an 802.11ac dual-band Access Point (any model), behind/connected to the bridge(s),
*if your CPE devices can connect as a wireless client.

(*Ruckus does not support "standard" WDS for more than one/other hosts behind the CPE.)

Read more in KBA-3332: Ruckus WDS with third parth wireless bridge

And KBA-1423: Clients behind a Third Party wireless bridge are unable to obtain a DHCP IP address