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No access to guest WLAN

New Contributor II
Hello out there. One of our clients can't receive access to the guest WLAN but works fine on all other WLANs of ours. This happens only to this one client and no one else. I know it's not a Ruckus issue, but have you ever heard of this?

Yes. The client may be rejected based on the OS running on the machine, if there are restrictions set in the roles for that WLAN.

For example in the versions prior to 10.2 I think, the ZD would not recognize Windows 10.1803 as Windows. Thus it would be blocked, if you restrict by OS.

Another cause could be the driver of the wifi card on the affected device. We have some Dell Latitude with Dell wireless cards that would not join a certain WLAN, but join others. Once a failed join would happen, it would not be able to join anything else until rebooted. The log shows Windows resetting the card etc. We reimaged the machines and one ended up working fine, but not the other two.

I would try a USB wifi card, just to test.

New Contributor II
Thanks, I'll try that.