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Mac clients "connected" but no network connectivity

New Contributor
Clients connect to a network we've created fine - login window is presented.  Systems are not shut down or restarted at end of day - just closed.  Basically asleep.

Next morning, employees open their MacBooks and WiFi says they are connected to the Ruckus network - but they have no internet.

Disconnect and then connect but no login window appears - login is obviously cached.

When end users disconnect from that network and connect to one of the other networks, login window is presented and they connect fine.

When they go back to the original network - it seems to connect with cached info but still no internet.

It seems that the Macbooks think they are connected but they are not.  Today I had an employee restart their system - this seemed to clear whatever was cached and they were prompted with the login window for the AP.

Next I'll try just clearing the browser cache to see if it is a browser issue.

Anyone else having this problem?

New Contributor

That is where I started.  There is no resolution in that thread - just a bunch of theories.  From that thread it appears that this is quite common.  Seems like there would be a fix by now.