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Locating connecting devices on a floorplan?

Contributor II
I've used avaya, cisco and alcatel and other APs in the past.  They often had a control suite that I could use and I could import a floorplan and place the APs on the floorplan.  Once I did that it could triangulate where connected devices were on the floorplan.    Is this possible with Ruckus?   I realize I can see who is connected to a specific AP but what I'm looking for is floorplan triangulation.    I'm considering getting a zone director - right now we are just unleashed.

Yes, you can locate clients (both connected as well as not-associated)  on a floorplan by using SPoT. SPoT is a Ruckus solution that can be purchased as on-prem (virtual SPoT) or as a SPoT cloud (as a service). Depending on your use-cases beyond just locating clients on a floorplan,  there are more functions that our eco-system partners provide (on top of SPoT locations) to meet your needs.


New Contributor III
If you get a ZD, you can upload floorplans (java) and place the APs you have on the controller, they will show connected users and give you a decent triangulation idea.