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 I recently segmented one of my client's network into multiple VLANs. Everything is working great except for the one building that is connected to the network via point-to-point wireless with two 7731 bridges. We used HP Procurve switches for this project. All switch to switch interfaces(or trunk interfaces for the Cisco faithful)are tagged with each VLAN so that all VLAN traffic is passed. All switch ports with connected Ruckus APs are tagged for their respective VLAN.

 My problem is that I don't know how the interfaces that the two bridges connect to should be configured. I treated the link as a trunk and tagged each switch port that the root and non-root bridges connect to on each side. All locally connected clients on the far end can obtain an IP address in the correct VLAN so the link works. However, I can not get the far end AP that is behind the non-root bridge to locate the Zone Director. The switch port the AP connects to is also tagged. The AP model, if it matters, is a 7762 outdoor AP. Any suggestions?

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Hello Willie,

Please take a look at the post on

this should help.



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Thanks. It turns out that the switch configuration was correct after all. For anyone else with the same question please note that, as stated in the link above, switch configuration for passing tagged VLAN information across a bridged wireless link should be no different than any other link, or media type. Just tag each switch port that the bridges connect to with the VLANs you want to traverse that link. Tag the switch port the AP connects to just like you normally would and you should be good to go. In my case I had nothing else to try so I upgraded the bridge's firmware and my AP was able to find the ZD on the other side of the bridge. Don't know why but that was my fix.

We've often called our 7731 bridge links "invisible wires in the air", and pass all QoS/ToS/VLANs unchanged.