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Hotspot problem giving IP?

New Contributor II
Hi Everybody! When I set up a Hotspot on my ZF7762 it stops giving IP, but when i remove the Hotspot and let the wifi normal, everything works fine, why is that?? Hotspot matter with DHCP or something like that? The ap is connected directly to internet.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Oswaldo Rodriguez,

There is no relation between hotspot and DHCP in general however if you are using VLAN on hotspot WiFI and no VLAN or different one may cause issues due to misconfiguration somewhere. Just for my clarification:

What is firmware version you are running?
Is it a standalone or controller managed?
Could you please show us a screenshot of your hotspot configuration?

Advice - if you running anything less than 9.8 version then please upgrade to 9.8, try again, if it still the same issue then please connect back here.

New Contributor II
Wow!, that was fast! thanks for the quick response.
Sorry about the lack of info, there is:
Is standalone
My Hotspot Conf is:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c417135b77e24795c8d2_06c3c0a070cf03e536a4cefcaae618b9_Capturadepantalla2015012315.14-d4572d58-f115-461f-97a7-e89622fd56b7-701226260.png1422044194

More Options
Image_ images_messages_5f91c417135b77e24795c8d2_04e83c4be86f1cc2850bb990554d134a_Capturadepantalla2015012315.17-fc449ab5-cf34-4db3-9e4a-b096cc357b86-802623579.png1422044340

The wallet garden have only one address:

For the Wireless conf i have:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c417135b77e24795c8d2_822c76b46f9ce715b0621af981de10bc_Capturadepantalla2015012315.25-07828cb9-649f-4820-85f6-99a59a57726d-1003138502.png1422044751

And the Subnet conf is:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c417135b77e24795c8d2_761f6ad5d12373a4561f28e51a32365a_Capturadepantalla2015012315.26-b1529c05-abb2-4c0d-90a5-7d9635d75828-859037892.png1422044808

That's all.
What firmware version should i have? 9.8.?.?
Excuse my english, is not my language.
Thanks for the help.

New Contributor
Hola Oswaldo,

Nosotros estamos empezando con el mismo proyecto.

Es verdad que el hotspot no tiene nada que ver con DHCP, pero probablemente tu problema, es porque en la configuración de la subnet asignas al VLAN ID 1 y el HotSpot no lo hace, prueba las opciones:
Dynamic VLAN y DHCP Option 82.\

José Galárraga
josegalarraga (at) gmail (dot) com

New Contributor II
Gracias! Encontré cual era el error.
La red 5G estaba habilitada con el mismo nombre de red de la 2.4G pero la 5G no tenía el hotspot configurado, por lo que seguramente los equipos se estaban intentado conectar a la red 5G y no podían conseguir la IP.