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HIgh latency but little interference

New Contributor
We have three R710s running in an auto repair shop, and users intermittently report disconnects. I see high latency on pings. I put everything to 5Ghz and running InSSIDer I see little to no interference. Running Macbook's WiFi diagnostics I see -50 db and little noise. Any other ideas of what I can look for?

Contributor III
Ok questions:
Where are you pinging? Sometimes pings can be misleading when assessing wifi issues
When users get disconnected do all users on the AP get disconnected or just users of one radio?
When you say disconnected do they get deauthed? As in do they need to reconnect?
Have you looked at any logs from the AP. Is the AP standalone or controlled?

As soon as you said auto body shop I recalled an issue I had a few year back where a welding machine would cause a EM spike when used and would interfere with Wifi and effectively work as a jammer. It's worth considering what is happening in the environment when the issue occurs