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Guest SSID on seperate VLAN

New Contributor II
I have a ZD 1100 with 5 zf7982 APs. 

Currently setting up guest access. I have configured the WLAN SSID, and have tagged it correctly. Clients connecting to the guest SSID can reach the DHCP server and are able to receive IP addresses, however, they're unable to "sign in" to the guest network (in this case, they are not prompted to accept the Terms and Conditions). 

Setup is as such:

Guest Network:

The APs and ZD are untagged on the 10.10.1.X VLAN and are tagged on the VLAN. If I leave the guest SSID untagged (VLAN 1) then the guests can 'Sign in', but once I tag it they can't. I've tried adding some rules to allow access to to the guest access settings but still no luck.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


What is the configuration of switch port ,where ZD and AP is connected . could you paste it ?

New Contributor II
Port is untagged on vlan and tagged on (staff wifi) and (guest wifi). 

Hi Josh,

I have a few questions:

Are you using any client isolation? If yes please disable and see if it helps.

Are you using a Hostname for ZD?

After the clients get DHCP Ip then enter the ZD Ip in the browser and see if you get the login screen.

Also, what are the tagged and Untagged VLAN Ids? It is easier to remember than the subnets.

What is the Access VLAN Id which can be found on ZD UI, Configure :: System :: Device IP Settings :: Access VLAN ?


New Contributor II
Hi Rahul, 

I have disabled client isolation, unfortunately it does not help.

I am not using a hostname for the ZD. I'm not actually sure where that option is?

When a client connects to the guest WLAN it can browse to the ZD IP, where it receives a T&C page (normally this should pop up on it's own?). When you accept the T&Cs though it redirects to a blank page. Within the ZD monitoring I can see the client has been authorized, but there is no internet access.

The ZD and all APs are Untagged on 101 and tagged on 104 and 105.
Access VLAN under Configure :: System is 1
Staff WLAN is tagged 104
Guest WLAN is tagged 105

Thanks for your assistance.