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Ethernet bridging and Unleashed

New Contributor III
I currently have 2 R710s (one upstairs and one downstairs) in an Unleashed setup.  Everything works great, except I have ~3 devices that are Ethernet only, and they're nowhere near an Ethernet drop :(.

I DO, however, have an old R700 collecting dust.  I assume I can set it up in standalone mode (since it won't work with Unleashed) and set it up like and it should mostly work, as long as I disable directedDHCP?  I only need to bridge over 5Ghz, not 2.4Ghz, and I was planning on setting up separate SSID (and probably VLAN) just for the bridging.

If I, however, instead get a 3rd R710 and added it to the Unleashed network, can I just use the mesh stuff to bridge it that way without disabling directedDHCP?  I've done a ton of wireless, but never bridging.  Everything says to use WDS, even though it's flakey.  The above URL though says that Ruckus doesn't really "do" WDS, which is why I'm asking.

Thanks for the help and support for the stupid questions!


New Contributor III

Thanks for the ideas all!  I like the R510 idea, I'll look into that.  Worst case I'll do the OpenWRT thing until then.

In a perfect world I'd just replace one of the R710s with a R720 and reuse the R710.  However, I'm refusing to do that until 2.5G/5G switches don't cost as much as a slightly used kidney.

Thanks again.