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Connect to multiple gateways?

New Contributor
I have a Zonedirector 1100 and an Zoneflex 7982 in a corporate office.

Currently we have 2 distinct networks: the office network, which has the Ruckus Wi-Fi and connects to the corporate WAN, and a Public network that connects directly to the internet through a completely different gateway on a different LAN/VLAN using an old cisco AP - it is in actuality a different provider, since it does not touch our corporate network at all

What I would like to do is have my 7982 serve BOTH the corporate intranet and the public hotspot through their respective gateways, and keep both sites completely isolated from each other.

Is this possible?

Do I connect the public line to the second port on the ZD and assign it a vlan and go from there?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Mark,

    The two Ethernet ports on the ZoneDirector are one logical port, and the ZD is not a router to send some traffic out one or the other.  You need to have VLAN capable switches and assign different VLAN/Subnet to two different client WLANs, to separate their traffic.  If the VLANs each use your different default gateways, then your traffic should too.