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Client Fail to Obtain IP Through Ruckus 7341 AP

New Contributor II
I have two Ruckus 7341 AP and a ISP provided Wireless Router.

Every morning, when I connect to the APs, I would fail to get assigned IP address in time. I would wait a couple hours to get connected to the network. However, if I connect directly to the Wireless Router, I get connected instantly.

Anyone else having this issue?

Valued Contributor II
Hello Ho Chee Seng,

With limited info, i assume that there is NO zonedirector and you are using DHCP services of ISP provided Wireless Router and NOT of ZF7341 AP.
Your topology looks as below:

Internet ----- ISP provided Wireless Router ----- ZF7341 AP
----- ZF7341 AP
I would like to ask you below:

1. Which firmware version you are using on ZF7341 AP? if not then Please ensure that it is latest. You can check Support portal for more on latest firmware version.
2. You make things work temporarily by connecting directly to the Wireless Router. How you make things work normally as you would have expected? do you reboot something like Ruckus AP or ISP provided Wireless Router or something else?
3. There are NO VLANs in place. correct?
4. I suspect that ZF7341 AP DHCP is too used so when problem appears, please login into GUI of device and see whether enough IP are available.

I hope this helps

New Contributor II
Hi there!

Your assumption is correct. No zonedirector. DHCP Server on ISP's Wireless Router. Topology correct.

1. Firmware: and yeah, it's the latest.
2. Rebooting (all) the devices doesn't do much. All I could do it switch my client's wifi connection to the ISP's Wireless router to get an IP instantly. Only after a couple of hours later that I connect back to Ruckus' AP that the connection is successful.
3. No VLAN.
4. DHCP comes from the ISP's Wireless Router and unassigned IP of about 30 addresses left.

Valued Contributor II
Firmware: is too OLD. current and latest for ZF7341 is Firmware

See more on link -

on standalone AP's - you can jump up from any version to any version and vice versa.

Just upgrade one of your AP's to latest and keep an eye.

New Contributor II
Hey, thanks for pointing that out!

I didn't pay attention to the result after googling for ruckus 7341 firmware.

Will perform the upgrade over the weekend.