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Captive Portal Web Logic - Hotspot

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Can someone help me to find where i can get the files from documentation Ruckus Tech Note, chapter Captive Portal Web Logic says there are files in a link, but no longer exist.


In this link no longer exist anymore.

Thanks a lot.


Ok, but it's not possible to download files by the article yet
If I use only the documentation example, Is it work?

Ok, but it's not possible to download files by the article yet.
If I use only the documentation example, Is it work?

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Follow the below procedure to configure the Guest Access WLAN on the ZoneDirector latest version(10.2.1)

Step 1: Creating the Guest Access Service
  • Go to Service & Profiles >> Guest Access.
  • Click on “Create” and name the service.
  • Under Authentication, select ‘Use Guest Pass and Social login authentication’ option if you want to configure the Guest Pass only or both Guest Pass and Social Login authentication.
  • You can leave the rest of the settings or can modify as per the requirement.

Step 2: Creating a WLAN
  • Go to Wireless LANs.
  • Click on Create and enter the SSID details.
  • Select “Guest Access” under WLAN Usages > Type.
  • Select Authentication and Encryption as “None”.

Step 3: Creating the “Role”
  • Go to Services & Profiles >> Roles
  • Click on Create and name the Role.
  • Select the Guest WLAN configured in the above step.
  • Check the option “Allow guest pass generation”

Step 4: Creating the User
  • Go to Services & Profiles >> Users.
  • Click on Create. Name the user and create a password.
  • Map the user to the role what was created in the previous step.

Step 5: Accessing the Guest Pass portal
  • Enter the below URL in the browser to access the Guest pass portal.

Example :
  • Enter the User name and password which you created earlier.

Step 6: Creating the Guest pass code: 
  • Enter the details for whom you are creating and click on next.

Step 7: Test the Guest Pass Code
  • Now you should be asked to enter the passcode while connecting to the SSID.
  • Enter the passcode and see if you are getting through.
Additional Notes On Guest Pass:
  • Under the 'Guest Information', you have an option called 'Shareable'. Choose the shareable count from the drop down-list if you want to share the same guest pass with different users.
  • If there is an SMTP server or SMS server configured on the ZD, you can share the guest pass through email or SMS to the users.
  • We also have a print option to print the guest pass.

NOTE: When the article is visible again, there are images showing the pages/boxes for the steps above.