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Can i use SZ 100 only for managing APs at branch offices and forward client traffic throught local internet breakout

New Contributor II
Hi guys!! thanks for the help,
My question is, can i use my SmartZone only for control and management purposes and forward the clients data and traffic on the local internet breakout in the branch offices. or is it necessary that the clients data traffic pass throught the controller?

New Contributor II
Yes you can, only if you're having voip traffic in thebranch offices you have to think how to solve this. In all other sitiutions, be surte that an ap can reach the MGMT address of the SZ and off you go!

Hi Niko,
Thanks for your reply, 
Last question, in a cluster mode with 2 SZ100, i need to have 2 publix fixed addresses for the management plane, or only one for the leader controller?

You have to have 2 because if laedet is going down there is no access possible