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I need device to take wirelless isp signal and provide internet to individual offices

New Contributor
I have a need to provide isp access to several entities that can only get internet connection wirelessly. In the past used ruckus 2211 broadband gateways to provide service. What is latest hardware to provide this functionalty?

Valued Contributor II
Unfortunately Ruckus has somewhat bowed out of the broadband gateway / NAT router business since the MediaFlex units. I'll let Ruckus speak to their future plans / intentions, but right now you can configure standalone APs to do NAT and act as a gateway using one of their WAN ports, but that configuration gives you very basic control over DHCP, NAT forwarding, and introspection into WAN-LAN traffic. It is also challenging to selectively firewall the WAN interface to not expose any curious Ruckus services (like SSH, HTTP/HTTPS, and the couple of Ruckus management related ports) while not losing those functions on the LAN side.

Bottom line, right now, I personally recommend investing in an inexpensive NAT gateway device and letting Ruckus do what they do best: delivering the best possible wifi on your LAN side. This situation might change in the future, but quite honestly, most NAT routers are quite good even at low price points.