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Announcement: ZoneFlex 9.12 (GA) Release for ZD1200/ZD3000/ZD5000 w/R710 AP is published

Esteemed Contributor II
ZoneFlex 9.12 GA ( for ZD1200 / ZD3000 / ZD5000 and Standalone R710 AP ( build firmware have been released.

Refer to Release Notes for details regarding this release, supported AP models, ZD upgrade path, new features, etc.

The R710 is Ruckus Wireless first 802.11ac Wave 2 AP.

Valued Contributor II
Congrats! I was wondering when we'd see signs of the R710's launch. Looks like everything is saying I should upgrade to a ZD1200 🙂

BTW, is there an ETA yet for 9.10.1/9.11? (Whichever is the update that adds DFS on R500/R600)

I am guessing there will never be a 9.11 at this point? Any updates on 9.10 patches for those of us with ZD1100 and RX00?

Correct on 9.11 build Brian, and there will be a 9.10 maintenance release with bug fixes since GA, but no ETA yet from product marketing.