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AP Wireless Radio Hanging

New Contributor
Dear All... Has anyone noticed that the APs are showing online in controller but the wireless radio is hanged. If yes does Ruckus admits that AP's wireless radio gets hanged and wireless controller notifies about this issue? If No, who can confirm that ruckus APs has not radio hanging problem.

I am really curious what "hanged" means. The ZD (controller) shows that the AP is regularely connecting to ZD via the wired network. What SSID is broadcasted and other issues are reported elsewhere.
For example, you can see in each AP page what SSID is being broadcasted, what channel, etc., as well as the number of clients.
I think the number of clients and their state, like their IP address and authorization, is the best indication of wifi working or not.
That being said, the underlying network, like DHCP, routing and VLAN assignment as well as the authorization method are the most culprits in the wifi "not working". The signal strength, radio interference or pollution and some settings on the ZD can cause clients to drop connections.

Some clarification on the kind of outage you see would be really helpful in determining the cause of your issue.

RUCKUS Team Member
You can check if the AP has the WLAN/SSID enabled via AP CLI command - get wlanlist
You can check if a specific client is connected using get station wlanx stats all (where x is replaced by number from wlanlist).

The SZ and ZD GUI also show this data but it can be delayed, as these are primarily configuration tools.  If you can SSH to the AP you can check issues in real time.

If the WLAN shows up it should be broadcasting and accepting clients.

The AP support log shows details and you can search it for a specific client MAC address, as well as health of AP (CPU usage, memory usage, indications of noise, interface statistics).  Support info/support log is easiest to download from Monitor::Access Point on either type of controller - but only if AP is on online state.

Esteemed Contributor II
When overwhelmed in a very noisy environment, I have seen AP logs report "Stuck Beacons".  A reboot clears the radio and resets the counters.

RUCKUS Team Member
Stuck Beacon occurs when the radio is unable to transmit beacons due to congested network, unable to detect a clear channel.  The radio assumes this is due to non wifi noise so it will negotiate with the Ruckus operating system to raise the noise floor (signal level above which the radio detects other stations for clear channel assessment).  Stuck beacon messages in the AP syslog are an indication of non-wifi noise.  Best option is to try a different channel.