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7731 on one polarisation

New Contributor II
We have a situation where we need to replace an existing short link (about 100 metres) with some newer radios. The old radios can't pass big packets for VLANs and so on.

The problem is the cable path from the cabinet to the existing single polarised antenna is horrible - running in a 50mm pipe with other cables from the outdoor cabinet, a short distance underground and then 20 metres up a bridge pylon - and we would really like to avoid running a new cable to replace the existing CNT400 with Cat5e.

I believe being told at one stage that you can run a 7731 on one polarisation and you simply lose half the speed - does anyone know if this is correct? If so it should still work as the customer would like close to 100 Mbps, and I can't find any single polarity radio we have used before that will give close to this.

Also would I need to get a dummy 50 ohm load for the other antenna port on the 7731?