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75 SSID's ... Say What??

New Contributor II
I have a potential customer who has about 75 residents and wants to have a separate ssid for each, with different passwords. Typically we install a Ruckus WIFI system with no more than 10 SSID's. Based upon my research, each WLAN can support 27 SSID's and I can create more than enough WLAN's within my ZD1200 to cover the 75 needed.

The question is will this function to a high lever for the end user? I will be using around 40 R500's throughout the property. The property is a MDU.

Any help from someone who has attempted a similar deployment would be greatly appreciated.


New Contributor III
It's not because the SSID is not broadcasted that the Beacons per SSID are not broadcasted. You will still have the 'Airtime' issue. Do not use more than 5 a 6 SSID's .

New Contributor III
Your best solution will be to either use a captive portal system (either the basic one in the Zonedirectors) or you can opt to use Cloudpath (which is a solution specially for these kind of issues). 

Messing around with all those SSID's is just a bad solution. 

Go for centralized user management via Guest portal, 802.1X(radius or Active dir) or Cloudpath. 

Contributor II
Look into RG Nets as a gateway. It has the kind of functionality you're looking for in-box.

Or else look at Cloudpath, it's a cloud based onboarding platform from Ruckus so no additional boxes needed.

Contributor III
I still dont understand why you cant just use a single SSID with dynamic PSK & dynamic VLAN. Map each users PSK to a different VLAN. 

What are you hoping to achieve by having different SSID's?

We use SLICE which is built on top of the RG Nets solution. Each user will have their own account and you can assign a policy to them. The less SSID's the better. And with SLICE you can control the public area and residential areas but users will just roam seamlessly.