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75 SSID's ... Say What??

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I have a potential customer who has about 75 residents and wants to have a separate ssid for each, with different passwords. Typically we install a Ruckus WIFI system with no more than 10 SSID's. Based upon my research, each WLAN can support 27 SSID's and I can create more than enough WLAN's within my ZD1200 to cover the 75 needed.

The question is will this function to a high lever for the end user? I will be using around 40 R500's throughout the property. The property is a MDU.

Any help from someone who has attempted a similar deployment would be greatly appreciated.


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Why do you want to do that? Use dynamic vlan together with dynamic psk or 802.1X. If you use all these ssid's you will have no airtime left to transmit due to all the beacons being sent. Check revolution Wi-Fi's xls with SSID Overhad calculator : SSID Overhead Calculator

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This is the situation.

This is a new senior living facility. They have no IT department, and we proposed a wireless network with a resident, guest , and management SSID, as we have done in the past. We provide a firewall and leave the assumption of security to the individual end user.The management company , who has an IT department, has requested a separate login and password for each of the 75 units. I explained to them that the beaconing would eat up space and they stated that my competition said that they could deliver this. After doing some research, I found this:

Resolution To restrict  broadcasting of WLANs on specific APs we can use the WLAN groups.

1. Create  WLAN group Under Configure > WLANs - WLAN Groups
2. Enter name and select the WLANs that are required to be broadcast (if you do not need them to broadcast uncheck them) and click OK. Please note that you can only check max of 27 SSIDs under each WLAN group.
3. Go to Configure > Access Points. Edit the required AP using its MAC address.
4. Look for WLAN Group with the drop down and you can select the WLAN group you had created and click Ok
5. If you want to assign this WLAN group to a specific AP group, you have to edit the AP group instead.

The Number of WLAN groups that can be created depends on the ZoneDirector Model.

So based upon this information, I proposed the above question.

Without creating a domain and associating users to Active Directory, which would require some processing power, a PC or server, I was asking the question based upon the above information found on the ruckus support forum page.

So, if anyone has a solution for this situation, please chime in..



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Your second posting is correct. You can set up multiple WLAN Groups (one per AP) and enable just the SSIDs of the residents in the area and (if needed) a common SSID for back office applications. This way a single AP will have at most 3-4 SSIDs.

It's not ideal, it's not scalable, and I agree with Niklas that 802.1x or Cloudpath is the proper way to go, but it will work.

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I thought that this would work, but I will need to have more SSID's than that on each AP, due to the layout of the building. There is no device to utilize 802.1x protocol. If I start providing equipment beyond the ZD, switch, and fire-walled router, I will start becoming a managed service provider, and we have no interest in doing that. I was hoping that someone would have have a similar situation, and would have an answer that did not include adding more devices on the network to manage things. If there is a way to utilize the equipment that I am already providing, let me know. Otherwise, I will have to try to create several WLAN's and assign SSID's as needed and see how it runs.. In other words, I will be winging it...